SIR On Demand Webinar: SIR Innovation Research Study Update

SIR On Demand Webinar:  SIR Innovation Research Study Update
SIR On Demand Webinar:  SIR Innovation Research Study.
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SIR Innovation Research Study

In 2017, the SIR Research Committee presented results from its inaugural research study on consumer perceptions of innovations within the insurance industry. This year’s study revisited many of the key topics from last year’s study. Our key objective was to again assess consumer sentiment and to understand the movement of perceptions over time. Insight from this presentation will be critical in helping industry practitioners identify the progress made and the opportunity for improvement.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Consumer views on the innovativeness of the insurance industry as compared to other financial services industries.
  • The level of success the industry has had in communicating and promoting the innovations currently taking place within the insurance market space.
  • Current usage/adoption of innovations and innovative technologies.
  • The appeal of the various types of insurance innovations, independent of whether the consumer is currently utilizing or aware of the innovations.
  • Prevailing consumer views/concerns regarding inherent risks involved as innovative technologies evolve.
  • Agreeability of consumers to potential behavioral modifications and technology adoption related to insurance innovation.
  • Identification of outcomes (, lifestyle improvement, etc.) that may drive consumer agreeability.
  • Innovation assessments for some top auto and home insurers based on the perception of these carriers’ own customers.
  • Insight on how factors like gender, age, income, etc…impact the views of consumers on the various topics within the study.

  • Presenters:
    Gary Hodge, American Modern Insurance Group
    Sharon Markovsky, Verisk Insurance Solutions-Claims
    Patrice Nolan, Competiscan

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    10/19/2020 - 12/31/2020

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