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SIR 2024 Annual Conference & Exhibit Fair4/28/2024
SIR Journal Club (Members Only)4/18/2024
SIR Life Roundtable (Members Only)3/14/2024
SIR Health Roundtable (Members Only)3/7/2024
SIR P&C Roundtable (Members Only)2/29/2024
SIR Webinar: Meeting Diverse Needs with Dr. Stinyard2/22/2024
SIR Webinar: The Changing Face of Main Street Business2/15/2024
SIR Journal Club (Members Only)2/1/2024
SIR P&C Roundtable11/30/2023
SIR Webinar: Changing Lanes11/16/2023
SIR Journal Club11/9/2023
SIR Webinar: Flood Insurance with John Huffmann10/19/2023
SIR Life & Health Roundtable10/12/2023
SIR Journal Club9/21/2023
2023 Annual Conference & Exhibit Fair9/10/2023
SIR Webinar: How Insurance Researchers Can Leverage AI8/10/2023
SIR Webinar: The Future Of Electric Vehicles7/27/2023
SIR Journal Club7/13/2023
SIR Life & Health Roundtable6/22/2023
SIR P&C Roundtable5/25/2023