SIR Webinars 2016 - 2018

SIR 30-Minute Webinar: I've Got My LinkedIn Profile Set Up, Now What?
May 24, 2018

LinkedIn is an important professional tool, enabling us to connect with peers and experts across the industry. For many of us, we set up a LinkedIn profile and then don’t think to utilize the tool beyond establishing that personal presence.  This webinar will provide users with the skills necessary to engage more fully in the LinkedIn world.  Does your profile tell the story you want to communicate about your own interests and skills? What is the difference between group and company pages? What happens when you comment on an article or post something to LinkedIn? Who can monitor my activity?  How do I build a network and establish a presence within that network?

Shara Clark, APR, Miami University

Shara Clark, APR, is an award-winning communicator with more than 20 years of experience in strategic communications, public relations and social media. She has substantial background in nonprofit PR and in corporate communications, focused primarily in the insurance and financial services space. Clark currently teaches public relations and social media at Miami University and is actively involved on the executive board for the Cincinnati Public Relations Society of America. She has trained hundreds of students and professionals on how to leverage LinkedIn for business results. 

SIR Insurance Consumer Sentiment Research Study
December 13, 2017

While innovations are happening at a meteoric rate in the insurance market, consumer adoption of these innovations has been relatively slow. In this research study, the Society of Insurance Research interviewed consumers to understand their perceptions and usage of key innovations in the insurance market. The analysis of the data included an examination of how views toward innovation vary based on generational and other demographic factors. 

This research specifically asked consumers about:

  • How insurance lines and banking compare when it comes to innovation
  • Their familiarity with the innovations in the insurance industry    
  • The appeal of the innovations in the insurance industry
  • Their current usage of the innovations in the insurance industry
  • Their views/concerns regarding inherent risks involved as innovative technologies evolve
Amelia S. Fitch, Strategy Consultant, American Family Insurance 

Gary Hodge, Senior Marketing Research Manager, American Modern Insurance Group

Sharon Markovsky, Director, Business Development, Verisk Insurance Solutions-Claims

Enhancing the Customer Relationship Through the Internet of Things
August 22, 2017

The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in insurance is evolving toward end-to-end workflow integration—from usage-based insurance and driving feedback to crash or event notification, and on to no-touch claims and proactive stopping losses from happening. Connected cars and homes are supplying driving and usage data, supplemented with event notifications, and weather alerts. What does this mean for insurers in their customer relationships? 

  • Discover the versatility of connected-car data joined with predictive analytics to provide driving score and feedback for driver improvement and engagement 
  • Learn how connected-home data is changing interactions with insurers and data providers alike
  • Explore how automated incident reporting can transform the total claims experience for data providers, insurers, and their customers
Dawn Mortimer, Assistant Vice President, IoT/Telematics Claims Product Management, Verisk & Gary Hodge, Secretary, Society of Insurance Research

Channel Innovation to Drive a Better Customer Experience
June 16, 2016

Statistia estimates this year’s revenues for U.S. direct insurance carriers will reach an all-time high of roughly $470 billion dollars. As the world becomes more digital savvy, capturing those dollars and keeping insurers satisfied relies on innovating your products and services to meet evolving consumer demands.

Acquiring new customers is expensive so knowing your customers, what products and services they want and the channels they use is mission critical to maintain existing customer relationships and minimize attrition.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • What’s happening in the competitive insurance landscape

  • How consumers interact with insurance brands

  • What channels consumers use for which products and services and who they are

  • Strategies to help you satisfy existing customers and attract new ones

With a view of consumer insurance interactions, channel usage and an understanding of the reasons they use specific channels, you can make more informed strategic and tactical decisions to elevate your customers’ experience and grow your business.

Tyler Nitz, Nielsen Research Executive & Gary Hodge, Secretary, Society of Insurance Research

Top 10 Strategies Insurers use to Increase Customer Loyalty
May 10, 2016

As insurers’ media spend continues to increase, competition for market share is dependent on a carriers’ ability to differentiate on customer experience. More and more insurers are tailoring the customer experience and transforming their relationships to one that personalizes the experience for the individual or household and helps to avoid the loss in the first place. 

Successful insurers are using techniques ranging from analytics to better understand customer behaviors, to leveraging the IoT to inform and protect customers while also helping to minimize risk. Techniques that increase loyalty can be as simple as defining and tailoring products to an entire household instead of treating each member as individual customers.

Join Adam Edmonds, Vice President of Products from NexJ Systems, in partnership with SIR, the Society for Insurance Research, to learn 10 strategies successful insurers are using to foster customer loyalty.