SIR On Demand Webinar: Using CI to Develop/Test Strategy

SIR On Demand Webinar:  Using CI to Develop/Test Strategy
SIR On Demand Webinar:  Using CI to Develop/Test Strategy and Influencing Senior Executives Across the Company.
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Using CI to Develop/Test Strategy and Influencing Senior Executives Across the Company

Insurers are definitely at the forefront of using data. They’ve been doing it well for decades, way before the Big Data hype. But the weakest point of all data is how to use it to influence top management’s strategic decisions. In that, insurers share a lot in common with other industries like Pharma and financial institutions. In this presentation, Ben will suggest two approaches to increase your effect on strategy in your company. He will also use data to show how data alone isn’t meaningful.

Presenter: Ben Gilad, President of FGH Academy of Competitive Intelligence
Dr. Ben Gilad, founded the Academy of Competitive Intelligence in 1996 and is President of Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence which was founded in 1999. He is considered a leading developer of competitive intelligence theory and practice in the US, is a former Associate Professor of Strategy at Rutgers University’s School of Management. Gilad’s first CI books, The Business Intelligence System (1988, AMACOM, co-authored) and Business Blindspots (1994, US: Probus/Irwin; 1998, UK: Infonortics, e-edition, 2012, ACI, Inc.), paved the way for the CI evolution in US corporations, many of which emulated the basic principles of Gilad’s CI process model. He is the co-editor of the definitive analysis book, The Art and Science of Business Intelligence Analysis (1996, JAI Press), author of Early Warning (Amacom, 2004), and Business War Games (Career press, 2009).

CI Magazine labeled Ben “our CI guru”. The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals honored him with its highest Meritorious award in 1996.

Dr. Gilad has been the creator of a unique war game methodology and lists many Fortune 500 companies as his consulting clients, including such global market leaders as Shell, AstraZeneca, Sun, IBM, Dupont, Kellogg, Intel, BestFood, 3Com, Ericsson, Procter & Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, SAS, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, SBC, and Cadbury Schweppes, Pratt & Whitney, Nestle, ExxonMobil, Novartis and Roche. Business Week chose Gilad to teach its executives about CI and Fortune Magazine chose him to lead its CEO skills sessions on the subject. The American Management Association chose him to lecture to its Presidents’ division. His articles on CI appear in all the major business journals, including Sloan Management Review, Harvard Business Review, Business Horizons, Competitive Intelligence Magazine, CFO Magazine, The Pharmaceutical Executive, and The Conference Board. His article, “Strategy without intelligence, intelligence without strategy” (Business Strategy Series, vol. 12, issue 1, 2011), won an Excellence Award in 2012.

For over 17 years Ben was consistently rated as one of the best teachers at Rutgers’ undergraduate management program. His love of teaching makes his CI seminars an experience no one ever forgets.

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10/20/2020 - 12/31/2020

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