2018 SIR Annual Conference & Exhibit Fair

Elevating Insights to Manage Risk and Attract Customers

October 21-23, 2018

Hotel Monteleone 
214 Royal St 
New Orleans, LA 70130


It never has been more important for companies to navigate the changing Insurance environment with all the risks and opportunities they face from digital technologies, insurtech start-ups, disruptive business models and the growing expectations of customers.  Our speakers will address these topics and others with a focus toward moving the conversation from awareness to delivering the insights needed to drive business decisions.

Come join us in New Orleans as we explore these possibilities with speakers from companies who are changing what it means to be an insurer. Learn how they leverage research, analytics, competitive intelligence and analysis techniques to move past the noise and develop strategies to move their companies into the future.

Session topics will include: AI, Competitor Playbooks, Blockchain, Customer Experience, Using CI to Develop/Test Strategy and Influencing Senior Executives, the Role of Human Intelligence, and much more!

SIR is pleased to announce that Dr. Ben Gilad will be presenting the session "Using CI to Develop/Test Strategy and Influencing Senior Executives Across the Company" at the 2018 SIR Annual Conference. 

Dr. Gilad founded the Academy of Competitive Intelligence in 1996 and is President of Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence which was founded in 1999. He is considered a leading developer of competitive intelligence theory and practice in the US, is a former Associate Professor of Strategy at Rutgers University’s School of Management. Gilad’s first CI books, The Business Intelligence System (1988, AMACOM, co-authored) and Business Blindspots (1994, US: Probus/Irwin; 1998, UK: Infonortics, e-edition, 2012, ACI, Inc.), paved the way for the CI evolution in US corporations, many of which emulated the basic principles of Gilad’s CI process model. He is the co-editor of the definitive analysis book, The Art and Science of Business Intelligence Analysis (1996, JAI Press), author of Early Warning (Amacom, 2004), and Business War Games (Career press, 2009).

CI Magazine labeled Dr. Gilad “our CI guru”. The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals honored him with its highest Meritorious award in 1996.

Dr. Gilad has been the creator of a unique war game methodology and lists many Fortune 500 companies as his consulting clients, including such global market leaders as Shell, AstraZeneca, Sun, IBM, Dupont, Kellogg, Intel, BestFood, 3Com, Ericsson, Procter & Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, SAS, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, SBC, and Cadbury Schweppes, Pratt & Whitney, Nestle, ExxonMobil, Novartis, and Roche.

Annual Conference Committee:

Dawn Faint, Cipher Systems (Life/Health Track)

Committee Members:
  • Sharia Benn, Penn National Insurance (Commercial Lines Track)
  • Randy Mangum, USAA (Personal Lines Track)
  • Sharon Markovsky, ISO Claim Search
  • Micheal Myers, USAA (Life/Health Track) 
  • Adam Nunes, Jornaya (Personal Lines Track) 
  • Patrice Nolan, Competiscan (Commercial Lines Track)
Please also note that there is an SIR promotion to refer a friend- individuals who refer a friend to the conference are entered in a drawing to win two $50 gift cards!

Thank you to our event sponsors!


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