A Review From the Health Lines Track


A record number of Health attendees joined SIR’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas in October, according to Ron Zezza, Market Insight Senior Advisor, Strategy Segments & Solutions, Marketing Insights Department, Cigna Corp, who chaired the Health Lines track for the meeting with Richard Skyba, Head of Product Development & Market Insights at Moda Health. Despite travel restrictions that were still being enforced across many health carriers, Ron said, “Seeing everyone in person for the first time in years and feeling that excitement once again was priceless!”

Dynamic audience engagement with sessions that were full of insight and encouraging for 2023 characterized this year’s Health Lines track, Ron said. When thinking about next year, Ron jokes, “Like they say, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’” But, given the feedback received throughout and after the event, he says, “Bringing in more collective insights and commitments earlier in the process will be top of mind.”

For Ron, finding the right mix of thought-provoking speakers for current and relevant topics was a key challenge to planning this year’s Health Lines track. “We overcame that challenge by reaching out and brainstorming (early and often) with our health carrier/vendor solutions members and many others interested in being a part of this 2022 revitalization,” he said.