DEI Roundtable Shares Results of Industry Survey

Split evenly between corporate carriers and solution providers as well as between companies larger than 1,000 employees and those with 1,000 employees or fewer, respondents to SIR’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion survey created an interesting picture of how SIR member companies are currently structured to address DEI issues. Results of the survey were shared on March 17 in a DEI roundtable event led by Sharla Floyd (Verto), DEI committee chair.

For example, slightly more than half of respondents (58%) say they have a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) or some designated to lead DEI strategy at their companies, but only 48% said they had any business or employee resource groups (BRG/ERG) in place. Nearly a third of the companies without CDO or DEI leader do have BRGs or ERGs.

Sharla explained that in some of these companies, DEI may be more organically integrated into the company culture so there has been no need for the top-down DEI leadership that other companies may be experiencing.

A lively discussion was facilitated by Kim Waller (Korn Ferry) among attendees following the survey results presentation. While diversity discussions historically may have been considered through a black and white lens, Kim said diversity and inclusion initiatives are themselves now more inclusive: Asian Americans, LGBQT+, elders, disability/accessibility, young professionals, working moms and others are considered part of these discussions.

Maggie Hoge (USAA) explained that we must think about work-life blend instead of work-life balance after two years of working from home. The blending of personal and professional lives has driven the need to be our best authentic selves without feeling the need to hide any part of who we are. The influence of the pandemic has amplified the need for DEI, she said.

The DEI survey in general illustrated the need for more awareness and common terminology regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. SIR has the opportunity to create a DEI resource hub and support DEI research and programs throughout our industry. Additionally, SIR provides opportunity for diversity and inclusion when choosing speakers and topics for its own programs as well as providing allyship and mentoring to promote DEI to its members.

Watch the recording of the SIR DEI Roundtable on the Research Resources page on the SIR website!