SIR DEI Roundtable: Building Bridges

SIR DEI Roundtable: Building Bridges

Thursday, September 29

DEI Roundtable: Building Bridges: Advancing DEI through Partnerships and Talent 

1 pm - 2 pm EST

Join us for discussion, tips, and best practices to shape our individual awareness and empower ourselves and our colleagues in supporting organizational growth as relates to building partnerships and diversifying research sources. By establishing academia and nonprofit partnerships we can expand research opportunities and grow and diversify the industry’s incoming talent pool, an area where we can all individual play a meaningful role.

Led by Sharla Floyd, SIR's VP of DEI and Chief Innovation Officer at Verto. Born in Brazil to Ecuadorian and Ukrainian-American parents and raised in Mexico and the U.S., Sharla’s 15 years in the insurance industry encompass 5 years of global foundation management and a decade of expertise shaping the collegiate talent pipeline and university recruiting best practices, bolstering the richly diverse student voice and perspective, and forging vibrant industry partnerships.

Please review the ground rules and anti-trust policy below.

•             Participants share insight on best practices, resources, and techniques for the practice of competitive intelligence.
•             Participants share their knowledge and opinions on what is happening in the industry or at specific competitors, based on publicly available information.
a.            “Publicly available information” includes information a carrier has shared with regulators, the general or industry media, investors, consumers, insurance agents, or its general employee population.
b.            “Publicly available information” does not include, for example: information available to only specific employees or contractors subject to a nondisclosure agreement, or information available only in filings not yet available to the public.
•             Participants may share their opinions of likely future actions by competitors, but those opinions are speculative based on each participant’s interpretation of publicly available information.
•             Participants are advised NOT TO SHARE information about their own company, though we may discuss a participant’s company in their presence. Any information the participant chooses to share about his or her own company must be “publicly available information” as described above.
•             NO PARTICIPANT MAY discuss or suggest any future action or position to be undertaken jointly by two or more carriers.
•             Each participant relies on each of the others to act in good faith as to the accuracy and appropriateness of information each provides.

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9/29/2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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