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SIR Webinar: Context is King: Using the Reference Interview to Guide Your Research

February 17, 2022

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

Join us for a professional skills development session to help competitive intelligence professionals grow their research toolkit. We'll discuss an informal technique used by reference librarians in research libraries called the “reference interview.”  The technique helps get at the information NEED of a client (not simply what the client is asking for) for just-in-time inquires. 


Adam Bennington, Competitive Intelligence Librarian, State Farm
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Past SIR Webinars


January 20, 2022

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

Presentation Highlights:
COVID has impacted both consumers and carriers alike in ways none of us could have imagined.  From demands of consumers to how they shop and where they shop, they are all looking for an improved customer experience.  The economy has certainly had an impact as well, as consumers look to stretch dollars.  From the perspective of carriers, it has forced carriers to accelerate investments that they may have previously had slated for a forward point in time. On the consumer side, it’s about carriers delivering a fast, easy and transparent experience.  One thing is certain- generations differ.  Acxiom conducted two online surveys in Q4 2021 in the US to assess the ongoing impact of the pandemic across Insurance as well as to understand some broader themes taking shape as a result of the Pandemic, following on from previous research conducted in Q3 2020.   For purposes of this presentation, we will focus solely on Insurance and examine the following areas:
• Policy Ownership Changes
• Purchase Channel Intentions Going Forward
• Importance and Value of Agents
• Impact of Shopping, Switching and Expected Savings
• Satisfaction with Claims and Communications
• Sentiments on Premium Returns
• Appetite for On-demand
• Speed in Which Consumers Expect Policies
• The Need to Re-evaluate
This is a presentation that you will not want to miss and will help set you up for a great 2022.  We will cover P&C and Life changes.


Karen Imbrogno, Sr. Insurance Industry Analyst, Acxiom

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SIR Webinar: ADAS, Automation, and the Impact on Auto Insurance 

January 6, 2022

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

Presentation Highlights:
- Do Level 2 automation systems prevent crashes? 
- Can automation really eliminate all crashes caused by human error?
- What is the relationship between ADAS and claim severity?
- Do ADAS benefits persist as vehicles age? 
- Do front crash prevention systems work on tractor trailers?
- What should be done to ensure road safety through regulating automation?


Kay Wakeman, Director of Insurance Outreach, IIHS-HLDI,
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SIR Webinar: 7 Dynamics Shaping the Healthcare Industry

December 9, 2021

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

This session is critical to anyone who needs to understand the basics of our industry. I first share a brief history of Healthcare in the United States. This sets the stage to understand the 7 dynamics. I explain each dynamic with rich data and market intelligence.  

1) Increasing cost of Healthcare...We spend more than any other country
2) Racial and economic disparities in life span
3) Declining employer sponsored coverage
4) Medicare coverage is increasing
5) Medicaid coverage is increasing
6) Individual coverage is falling
7) Uninsured is falling

This session is also relevant to those working outside of Health lines. We are looking forward to a robust discussion. 


Neil Pinsker, President, Healthcare-Revealed
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SIR Webinar: The Cyber Security Mind-Set in the Workplace:  The Case for an Employee Data Policy

November 11, 2021

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

Unless you are living under a rock, you cannot avoid the daily headlines about the latest cyber security attack - on businesses, government or individuals.  The threat continues to be especially important to small business owners.  This presentation will provide SIR members with a sense of how small business owners should think about cyber security as well as how they can proactively limit cyber security risk with an Employee Data Policy. Helping a small business owner prevent a cyber security incident benefits everyone - the business owner, its customers and of course...their insurance company!


Neil Rekhi, MBA, CPCU, Founder of Find Me Cyber: 
He works with consumers, corporate professionals and business owners alike. Neil also has a strong background in the P&C insurance industry, with experience at The Hartford, Verisk Analytics and as an independent contractor/consultant.  

Tiffany Donaldson, Esq., New York attorney and the principal of Donaldson Legal Counseling PLLC. 
Tiffany focuses in small business advising, counseling small business owners on formation, operations, trademark, and employment issues.

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SIR Webinar: Blockchain in Insurance with The Institutes RiskStream Collaborative

September 30, 2021

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

To paraphrase an old African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” A competitive advantage can come in many forms, and can pertain to all aspects of an insurance organization’s business – from underwriting and pricing to process efficiency and customer service. However, there are some internal processes that are largely reliant on sharing data externally – where no matter how efficient a firm’s backend processes are, processing time is wholly dependent on the external party or parties the firm is sharing data with. We see highly variable processing times within multi-party business process flows across all lines and functions of insurance. With the help of its members, RiskStream has and is creating solutions across personal lines, commercial lines, reinsurance, and life & annuities to help make these shared processes more efficient. Capturing efficiency and data accuracy is important yet there are also opportunities within RiskStream’s solutions for improved customer service and even revenue generation. Join us for a look at what RiskStream is, what we’ve accomplished, what we’re working on, where we’re going, and how you can get involved to help the insurance industry go far, together.


Brendan Picha, Head of Outreach, RiskStream
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SIR Webinar: How COVID Changed the Insurance Marketing Landscape

September 16, 2021

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

A panel discussion with Competiscan’s Patrice Nolan, Sr. VP and Insights Analysts on how COVID has changed the insurance marketing landscape from direct mail volumes to messaging themes. While some changes were temporary, others are appearing more firmly entrenched in P&C, Health, and Life insurance communications to consumers and producers. Topics will include direct mail volumes, data analytics to determine marketing themes, impacts on products and the customer journey (both consumer and producer).


Patrice Nolan, Sir.  Vice President, Research Services at Competiscan
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Scott Hoffman, Director of Client Services at Competiscan
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Glen Means, Research & Insights Analyst at Competiscan
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Mark Hanrahan, Research & Insights Analyst at Competsican
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Ben Harrison, Research & Insights Analyst at Competsican
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SIR Webinar: Listen Through the Clutter

August 19, 2021

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

Open-ended survey responses, online reviews, call center transcripts, support emails, online chats, social media, and so much more – through a multitude of mechanisms, consumers are desperately trying to tell you how to improve their experiences and make them more loyal customers. As a researcher, the amount of feedback that’s at your fingertips has never been greater, but without structure it’s almost unusable, leaving you to spend more time and resources on additional research that may not be backed by the appropriate hypotheses. Join Bellomy’s webinar to hear how to use AI-driven text analytics to cut through the clutter and harness the power of the information you have readily available. We'll show how insights hidden in large amounts of text provide focus for more targeted research - in this case focusing on improving digital support channels to reduce call volume and get your customer's questions answered with little effort.


Suann Griffin - Director, Strategy,  Bellomy

Jenn Feltis – Senior Manager, Strategy,  Bellomy

Justin Bailey - Senior Manager, Strategy,  Bellomy


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SIR Webinar: The New Mobility (R)Evolution -
A forecast on how  changes in car ownership will impact the industry’s future

August 12, 2021

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

1. Introduction and Methodology
2. Global Light Vehicle trends pre- and post Covid-19
3. Impact Forecast of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) on Light Vehicle sales
4. Long Term Outlook/Forecast – Robo Taxi Revolution?
5. Implication for Insurances


Mario Franjičević Principal Analyst, Automotive New Mobility, IHS Markit
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SIR Webinar: Credit, Cars, and (No) COVID

July 15, 2021

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

The strength and stability of credit-based insurance scoring has remained clear over the course of the pandemic. As we move into a post-COVID future, however, new challenges and opportunities are emerging. We have already found that complementary non-credit data sources are effective in helping the underwriting process, and more is becoming available. This webinar panel will explore both vehicle and consumer-centric views that give insurers the ability to improve risk assessment with auto safety features and telematics exchange data that complement standard rating variables.  

Prince Kohli – Sr. Director, Data Science – LexisNexis Risk Solutions
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 Trevis Litherland – Manager, Data Science – LexisNexis Risk Solutions
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Harry Huberty – Director of Research – Novarica
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Safder Khan – Sr. Data Scientist – LexisNexis Risk Solutions
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SIR Webinar: Living at the Intersection of Decisions and Duplication

June 17, 2021

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

True or false… More than 50% of companies with a CI function struggle making decisions informed by intelligence.

If you said true, you’re probably right. 

Last March, Cipher commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey CI professionals in the Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. What we learned is shocking. The industries with arguably the most mature CI practices struggle to execute many fundamental CI activities. Join Cipher president, Peter Grimm, and a panel of CI professionals from SIR carrier members as they discuss current CI challenges and what the insurance industry can learn from this study.

Discussion Topics Include: 
Making decisions informed by competitive intelligence
Reducing duplicative research
Managing third party CI service providers
Improving time to insight 

Webinar Panelist: 
Chris Rzany, AVP of Strategy at EFinancial/Fidelty Life Association

Savannah Young, Senior Research Strategist at The General

Lisa Orton, Corporate Underwriting Product Development Analyst at United Fire Group
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Peter Wood, Strategy Manager at Erie Insurance Group

Peter Grimm, President of Cipher Systems 
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SIR Webinar: Branding Yourself for Career Growth

June 3, 2021

1 pm - 2 pm ET. 

Personal Branding is no longer an option. Decision makers want to know you, your values and your credibility instantly. During this webinar you will learn:

- How to Build a VIP reputation in ANY role
- How to transform colleagues into your career sponsors
- 10 places to promote yourself right now without feeling sleazy


Deidre Wright, Award Winning Insurance Executive, Insurtech Advisor and CEO of Strategic Stories. 

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